This spring I was interview by Danny Bonvissuto with Atlantan Brides. My interview is being featured in the 2011 Fall/Winter issue.


Here is an excerpt from her article.


Photographer Jeff Gaines ( has also seen the past come back in a big way. “I think we borrow from the past and incorporate it into what is relevant now—all art does, really,” he says. Like Morris, Gaines is getting lots of requests for old-school props like parasols and retro backdrops in the photo booth, and he loves working signage into his shoots. “Last summer one of my brides wanted to do something different with sparklers, so we went out in a field at night with her husband and maid of honor,” he says. Waving the sparklers in the darkness, the bride drew an “H” for her name, the maid of honor drew a heart, and the groom drew a “D” for his name while Gaines held the camera’s shutter open for an extended period. “It’s a very strong, very clean image,” Gaines says. “Props help people loosen up, have fun and make some memorable shots.”